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Main Switchboard: 482-2424

Advertising:, 482-2424
Business:, 482-2424
Classified Ads:, 634-9111
Newsroom:, 482-2626
Sports:, 482-2626
Subscriber services:, 482-2424

The Herald is located at 216 E. 4th Street, Jasper, IN 47546



Dan Rumbach: x126
John Rumbach: x127


Administration: 482-2424

Mark Fierst (Controller/Business Office): x123
Deb Kunkel (Accounts Payable): x140
Mike Mazur (Human Resources Director): x124
Norma Messmer (Accounts Receivable): x141


Advertising Department: 482-2424

Tom Stephens (Advertising Manager): x128

Display Advertising:

The Herald’s display advertising department is staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. E.T. Monday through Friday. To speak with an advertising customer service representative, dial extension 109 at 812-482-2424 or toll-free at 877-482-2424. Complete voice-mail service is available for after-hour calls.  

Annisa Brinkman: x102
Glenda Bolin: x144
Mary Rousculp: x117
Chris Willis: x109

Classified Advertising: 634-9111

Classified ads are one the most effective means of connecting buyers and sellers. A recent independent, scientific survey revealed that 94% all those who placed a classified in The Herald received a call or response. The Herald’s classified advertising department is staffed from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. E.T. Monday through Friday. You can also view and submit classified ads online by clicking here.

Bette Gibson: x122
Betty Erwin: x125


Circulation: 482-2424

Keith Milton (Subscriber Services Manager): kmilton@dcherald.comx115
Don Weisheit: dweisheit@dcherald.comx110
Deb Kunkel: x140


Distribution: 482-2424

Dan Hoppenjans (Distribution Manager): x139


Newsroom: 482-2626

Justin Rumbach (Managing Editor): x129


Martha Rasche (City Editor): x108
Dawn Mazur (Nation & World Editor): x113
Jason Recker (Local & State Editor): x106
Janet Epple (People Editor): x104


Alex Sondeen: x107
Amber Coulter: x112
Bill Powell: x116
Candy Neal: x114
Kasey Hawrysz: x101


Brendan Perkins (Sports Editor): bperkins@dcherald.comx111
Shawn Garrison: x120
John Patishnock: x118


Dave Weatherwax (Photo Editor): x103
Krista Schinagl: x148
Neil Blake: x149


Cheryl Wigand: x130


Prepress: 482-2424

Chad Uebelhor: x150


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